Go Funded Investor options

How it works

Basis of Foundico.cx Platform

  • 1
    All investments insured by Escrow Invest Guaranteeing Fund. The fund protects the interests of investors, paying compensation in case the startup can't fulfill their obligations.
  • 2
    Each project of Fundico.cx platform submits their road map for approval and receives step by step financing, without having executed stage 1 financing of stage 2 isn't allowed.

    It's additionally protect of investments and good motivation for a team of the startup.
  • 3
    Goal of Fundico.cx
    Creation of civilized conditions for Crowdinvesting, limiting possibilities of fraud and guarantee of safety of investments.

We are not one more invest platform, we are
absolutly different system!

Your Investment

  • Access to the pitch
    page and video.

  • Insurance of investments by
    Escrow Invest Guaranteeing
    Fund (eigf.io)

  • Meet the business
    you want to invest.

  • Be a part of the business you are
    invest in. By every investments
    you will get a company shares.

  • Invest from $10 and
    up alongside

  • Discuss with other backers
    and entrepreneurs

  • Stay in touch with projects
    you have invested in.

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