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Crowndinvest Platform

Investments opportunities

Crowdinvesting – sells the shares, at price of $0,1 for an action.

Royalty – carries out payments of dividends, following the results of calendar year, on a formula of a profit / action.

Escrow Invest Guaranteeing Fund is the first participant of Escrow Invest Guaranteeing Fund.

The fund managed by 3 Escrow.

In case of impossibility of team of the project to fulfill the obligations, investors receive compensation the investments in whole or in part.

Crowdinvesting – listing of companies that have undergone all stages of KYC, all data on KYC are open, officially releases shares which are sold in the market.

The company is under all legal obligations as joint-stock company of the county of registration.

The companies with ready and working products (businesses) participates in the listing, which require additional capital for more active development.

The companies provide the quarterly reports. Hold meeting of shareholders. The Shareholders take part in company management.

Each investor, upon request, can receive documentary evidence of ownership of shares.


Fundico issued 150 million shares, valued at 0.1 USD per share.

After carrying out crowdinvesting the board of directors will be created and Fundico will turn into public management.

To sale the package of 70 499 999 shares, with total cost of 7 499 999 USA Dollars is exposed.

The company will provide the quarterly reporting, all shareholders will have access to decisions of the board of directors.

By result of crowdinvesting will tokens in number of 1 sold share = 1 token are released.

Tokens will bargain at the exchange.

Road Map

  • Launch Fundico
  • Crowdfunding
  • Created Escrow Invest Guarantee Fund

  • Launch micro invest app
  • Open international offices

  • Launch fundico startups incubator

Internet Entrepreneur

Trofimchuk Dmitro

Linkedin profile of CEO at

"Thanks to all of our team members and outsourcers companies who help to create Fundico."
Investment Distribution

  • 63% Marketing
  • 14% Escrow Invest Guaranteeing Fund
  • 10% Product
  • 5% Team
  • 5% Advisors
  • 3% Bounty

Creation of civilized conditions for crowdinvesting and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) limiting possibilities of fraud and guarantee of safety of investments giving to investors.


$ 6,700.0 pledget
1% funded
5 backers
14 days time left

Crowdinvesting main sale

Crowdinvesting start 2018-12-01
Crowdinvesting end 2018-12-30


Token FUI
Platform Etherum ERC20
Pay with ETH, BTL, LTC
Location b.v.i.
Price 1 ETH = 2000.0 FUI
Soft cap 0
Hard cap 7 499 999
Bonuses up 10%
Available for sale 70 499 999


Kyc NO