Go Funded Investor options

Risk Warning

Investment into the stocks early stage business is connected with risks. You have to know and understand it. Sometimes early stage business cannot develop and be scaled by times according to the stated plan therefore investments into these enterprises can be accompanied by some risk. There is a chance of loss of all or a part of investments, neither the company, nor fundICO, will return you the lost money. Tax benefits, can be also lost, because of your actions, or actions of the company.

Lack of liquidity, the taken shares in early stage business often cannot be quickly sold, not all companies go public, not all companies carry out share repurchase of the stocks. The purchase of shares of early stage business is long-term investment, Microsoft and Oracle began with Penny Stock too, and now their actions increased by 1000 times.

Dividends in early stage business are paid seldom, you have to be ready to it, the companies participants of fundico is startups, they usually reinvest profit in business to stimulate growth and to increase the shareholder value of the company. You have to invest only those sums which you are ready to lose. You have to diversify your portfolio that at failure with one company, you got profit on others.